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Clocking the speed of fun

A patron recently brought in a pair of small toys, and, after showing me both tags, asked what the graphic "CE" meant.

I have noticed it before but didn't know off hand.

After looking into it, the "CE" stands for European Conformity or more precisely Conformité Européenne, as the acronym is derived from the French.

According to the website, the CE mark indicates a product has met the European Union requirements for consumer safety, including public health and environmental standards.

It was created to streamline how various products enter the European market, and it is fair to note the CE mark has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

* * *

Q: Why does time fly when you are having fun? -- From a conversation with a young patron.

A: I am sure there is a sound scientific explanation for the phenomenon.

Like maybe how your brain doesn't focus on details the same when you are engaged in something you find "fun," and attention to details is how your brain marks the passage of time (and I didn't look that up, I made that up).

But that really doesn't matter when you're 6, does it?

Time flies when you are having fun because fun things just happen faster.

So, to make sure you never miss something fun, you always have to be ready to have fun.

Eric Norris is the director at the Hays Public Library. "Ask Eric" questions can be mailed to 1205 Main, Hays, KS, 67601, submitted through at the "Ask Eric" link or emailed to