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Tradition not changing

Tradition not changing
Much discussion and controversy about tradition has been voiced about the Thomas More Prep-Marian commencement ceremony taking place at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church. To some, it might seem as though tradition is bring broken, when in reality a new tradition is beginning. Coming through “the ranks” as a first-generation TMP student, I quickly learned religion and tradition were the basis of this hallowed institution.
I would be quick to say this school has more than provided for the foundation of my thoughts on tradition and my love of consistency. What I did not realize until the fates of our tradition were put into exit doors and emergency staircases is tradition is more than an established regimen. Tradition is in ceremony and in the people who surround the ceremony. Take the sacrament of matrimony for example. It is performed in many different settings with many different people, yet it does not extinguish the tradition behind it.
Bill Dewitt once mentioned in a parish bulletin the class of 2014 was like a family. I concur with his observation about my class and believe whatever new tradition we partake in will be equal or extend the norm of TMP tradition — because I am with my family, my class, my school.
Jena Ernsting,