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Residential hall group from FHSU earns honor

Special to The Hays Daily News

Fort Hays State University's Residential Hall Association won the Regional Building Block Residential Hall Association Award from the National Association of College and University Residence Halls.

Each RHA submits a bid that explains to the council what the RHA has done in the last year and what they plan for the coming year.

Timmy Parker, residential life graphics, and Ruth Ebersole, Wichita senior, created FHSU's bid, "The Wizard of Ozsome." Eight winners advance to nationals.

"It's a time-intensive process, but the end result is pretty cool," said Rebecca Lee, assistant director of Residential Life. "Ebersole wrote the bid, Parker did the design work, but really RHA did all of the work that helped them win the award."

Students are listed by hometown with their classifications, majors and RHA position.

* Dakota, Ill.: Michael Gallagher, FHSU graduate, vice president of programming.

* Falcon, Colo.: Johnny Hill, junior majoring in art, vice president in fall 2012.

* Glendale, Ariz.: Timothy Parker, junior majoring in art, Residential Life graphics.

* Longmont, Colo.: Ben Mateo, junior majoring in justice studies, president.

* Park City: Lindsey Fry, sophomore majoring in radiologic technology, treasurer/secretary.

* Wichita: Ruth Ebersole, senior majoring in chemistry, national communications coordinator.

* XinXiang, China: Tina Ren, communications graduate student, vice president for spring 2013.