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Committee discusses Hays High School facility needs


Hays High School's needs list was on the USD 489 facilities needs committee's agenda Friday.

Tom Albers, Hays High assistant principal, was invited to the meeting to discuss industrial technology education following the committee's discussion two weeks ago of a separate building for the program.

A separate building would help with ventilation and the welding smell, Francis Hammerschmidt USD 489 maintenance supervisor, said at the last meeting.

"If we need to add space in the high school for other things," Tom Drees said, "would it make more sense to take the welding and the wood shop and those things that create a lot of smell, a lot of fumes, and get them into a separate building?"

A new building would be nice, but there are other priorities at Hays High, Tom Albers said.

Superintendent Will Roth mentioned a separate building also could house the district's maintenance department if the committee recommends closing Rockwell Administration Center.

The maintenance department sometimes uses the high school's welding equipment, and it could be a benefit to have them together, Tom Albers said.

"We may have to back off when we crunch numbers," Drees said.

Clint Albers, Hays High athletic director, also was asked to attend and discuss the condition of Hays High's athletic fields.

The board voted in December to make improvements to the baseball field using capital outlay money.

Besides athletics, the fields are used by the band and physical education students.

Because of the fields' condition, community use has been curtailed to conserve them for Hays High use, Clint Albers said.

"We need adequate fields whether they be turf or some sort of grass. ... If we don't have enough water to have adequate grass fields, the other alternative to that is turf," Clint Albers said.

When asked by Bryce Young, committee co-chair, if only one field could be turfed, Clint Albers said "field A (closest to the baseball field) may be the way to go."

"Whichever field it is, we feel very strongly that one field be turfed, and we concentrate use on it," Roth said.