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Range of characters highlight competition

This year’s county finalists for the Hays Arts Council’s Famous Figures competition for fifth-graders in Ellis County are listed by school, participant and his or her famous figure:

Holy Family — Cameron Rozean, Sir Isaac Newton; Emily Schulte, Dolly Madison; Kade Urban, Steve Jobs; Jacob Wick, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Lincoln — Emily Allen, Mary McCloud Bethune; Kayli Potter, Mary Lou Retton.

Roosevelt — Eli Booth, Eli Manning; Brett Bowles, Antonin Dvorak; Tony Malleck, Jon Bon Jovi; Hannah McGuire, Christina Aguilera; Trevor Moore, Shoeless Joe Jackson; Logan Olmstead, Sir Edmund Hillary.

O’Loughlin —  Kallie Leiker, Judy Blume; Jacie Robinson, Lucille Ball; Jackson Stanton, Stephen King; Cade Swayne, Philo Farnsworth.

St. Mary, Ellis — Trevor Hudson, Omar Bradley; Cassie Waldschmidt, Mae Questel.

Victoria — Abigail Dickinson, Betty White; Ally Dinkel, Carol Burnett; Tiffany Dortland, Florence Nightingale.

Washington, Hays — Britanni Park, Lady Diana Spencer; Julie Vallejo, Michael Jackson.

Washington, Ellis — Zachary Cox, David Beckham; Lane Fischer, Lane Frost; Thomas Shepard, Ulysses S. Grant; Tara Woodworth, Anne Frank.

Wilson — Kaitlyn Brown, Emma Roberts; Logan Harris, Taylor Swift; Mattie Hutchison, Pat Summitt; Symon Knox, Betty White.