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Library award-winning

Library award-winning

Recently, I spent most of a day in Hays Public Library doing research. During that time, I was able to observe the staff during the day as they served both the young and old who came through the doors.

Having spent approximately 32 years myself in serving the public in the public school system, I feel reasonably qualified to make some observations. Although I live in Plainville, I'm usually either in Hays and go through Hays two to three days a week as I do volunteer work at Hays Medical Center and a weekly volunteer Bible study at Ellsworth Medium Security Prison.

This is a summary of my observations that day and many other days while at Hays Public Library: Public tax money is being well-spent for services at the library. Each time I'm there, I see courtesy and competency being shared with our people, especially through individuals such as Eric, Marleah and others.

I wished I could say the same about our representatives in Washington. The other day, I even was thinking maybe the whole bunch ought to be tossed out. Then I realized that was not the answer, because there still are a few there like Jerry Moran who still are striving to serve their people back home who elected them.

Marvin Mann,