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Sherow a better choice

Sherow a better choice

I have been dismayed by the representation of the First District of Kansas in Washington. I tried unsuccessfully to talk with Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., last fall about my concerns. While he did not return my calls or reply to emails, I watched interview after interview in which he claimed his constituents overwhelmingly support his efforts to weaken our government.

As an outspoken critic of government, he works to decrease the funding many in Manhattan depend on, including research and NBAF. He voted time after time against the farm bill. His lack of civility is apparent in the display of a complete lack of respect of those who do not agree with his positions. His "newsletters" and political mailings (at taxpayer's expense) are filled with vitriol and hate, personal opinion and few facts, with no offer of realistic solutions.

Fortunately, we have a great alternative to this ineffective politician. Jim Sherow has been a strong supporter of Kansas farmers, researchers and citizens. He has demonstrated thoughtful civility and the ability to reach compromise, and he shares our concerns for the more urgent problems we face -- adequate funding for education and water resources among the many. He will ensure all Kansans are heard, and he will work to identify legislation that will help Kansas move forward in challenging times.

Please support Sherow as our representative in the First District for effective leadership for all Kansans.

Brenda Oppert,