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Making the run

Kansas state government is broken. Government spending needs to come in line with revenues and be targeted toward necessary state services. Balance needs to be restored. A fundamental shift has begun in Kansas away from big government. I will seek to continue this shift away from state government control to local control. Less regulation and lower taxes are essential for our state economy to grow, our businesses to thrive, more jobs to be produced and our state population to flourish. More government is not the answer, it’s the problem.

“God” needs to be placed back into state government.

Pro-life, pro-family values in government need to be regained. These values were included in our state Constitution when it was established. Kansas was founded in the blood of the Civil War and established as a Free State. We will be unable to fix state government without first securing/reestablishing this “foundation of freedom” for life and family. This foundation presupposes statesmanship and servant leadership as indispensable to proper state government.

A pro-business approach is vital. As a life-time farmer/rancher, I see the city of Hays and Ellis County open to jobs, economic and population growth as a vision for the future. These jobs necessarily must be found in the private sector. It is incumbent that we revitalize Hays’ Main Street. Let’s occupy Main Street — not Wall Street. This needn’t be just a dream. With the strong and determined leadership that I will provide, it can and will become a reality.

It has been said that, “We can never afford to put our key for happiness in someone else’s pocket.” A great definition of freedom is “the ability to pay your own way.” Jobs are the way to freedom. With my strong business background I envision Hays, Ellis County and our state becoming leaders in sustainable economic growth and, yes, freedom. The U.S./Kansas is part of the greatest economic engine ever known to man. The “shackles” need to come off. The economy will become robust and Kansas will become the envy of all the other 49 states.

Fort Hays State University is a growing/thriving university. It is a leader in Hays/western Kansas and indeed it is a leader in the state and internationally as well. It is the “best buy” in terms of four-year colleges within our Sunflower State. Hays Medical Center is a tremendous asset to Hays and western Kansas providing vital care and services for all. It is on the cutting edge of medical technology and services. I will work to build upon and with these two great institutions to continue to maintain Hays as a truly wonderful place to live.

Hays’ secondary and primary education schools rank well within our state. However, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that we are competing in a global economy. “No Child Left Behind” has proven itself to be unsatisfactory. Once again, more government is not the answer. Less national and state regulation actually will enable our local schools student test scores to rise, once again to compete on an international level by allowing the flexibility needed by our administrators and teachers.

Finally, legislation will need to meet the baseline test of being pro-life, pro-family and/or pro-business. Proposed legislation meeting these three criteria may then be considered worthy of further consideration. In addition, all proposed legislation will need to meet the “common sense” rule — if it doesn’t make sense then there might not be any need for it.

Lawrence J. Reichert, Hays,
Republican candidate for 111th District House of Representatives