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Best interest

Best interest

I read with a great deal of interest a recent article by Mary Clarkin of the Hutchinson News concerning Sen. Steve Morris and Sen. Ruth Teichman casting their vote not only to eliminate our 38th Senate District in southwest Kansas, but cast a favorable vote to split Liberal into two Senate districts, as well as Dodge City into two Senate districts. I might say "interest" was not the only thing that crossed my mind while reading the article about these two western Kansas senators.

Can you imagine any western Kansas senator voting to eliminate an entire western Kansas Senate district, especially when there appears to be other and likely better choices, like moving a boundary line or combining a portion of another district if needed, or just leaving it alone? I also noted in the article a comment from Sen. Terry Bruce in which he stated "(Garrett) Love's southwest 38th District had sufficient population and did not need to have its boundaries changed in redistricting." Bruce also said "the map was 'grossly inferior' to an alternate map." However to some, consideration of other choices may not matter so much when it comes to playing politics and retaining power?

Redistricting has become a huge issue in the state with dozens of maps being drawn.

In my opinion, there seem to be a lot of "incumbent protective" or "let's make a deal" maps out there. In cases such as this, one might ask, did Sen. Morris vote to eliminate the 38th District in favor of Johnson County to protect or retain a position? You see, Mr. Morris is also the president of the Senate and very possibly would not have been elected to that position without a great deal of support from the east.

As for Sen. Teichman, I may only speculate why she voted in support of Johnson County and failed to stand with and for western Kansas.

I do not appreciate Sen. Morris' or Sen. Teichman's attempt to eliminate my entire 38th Senate District or my favorite state senator, Garrett Love, nor do I appreciate their attempt to split my city into two districts. Thank goodness the wiser Kansas House of Representatives who voted to defeat the attempt in only a few short minutes. Sen. Morris and Sen. Teichman should be supporting western Kansas, not Johnson County. What say you?

Jim Rice