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Pleasant weather expected to stick around


In a place where weather can change drastically from day to day, November has proven relatively mild -- and more of the same is on the way.

With the end of November quickly approaching, the temperature experienced during the month has been unusual.

"It's warmer than usual this time of year," said Mike Bell, National Weather Service meteorologist in Dodge City.

The warmer weather experienced in the area is a result of a combination of warm and dry weather patterns. Some colder weather can be expected Monday, although it will not stick around.

"Some cooler temperatures coming in early in the week -- Monday or Tuesday," said Jeff Johnson, Dodge City NWS meteorologist. "We should see highs back around normal, which is 50 or so. Then they are going to climb above normal highs."

The coolest day of the week will be Monday, he said, with the temperature predicted to be in the 40s.

The normal temperature for the area at this time is about 50 degrees, Johnson said.

He said the 60-degree-weather should return by the middle or late part of this week.

But even though the days are warmer than usual, colder evenings should be expected.

"Basically, (Friday) through Tuesday night, we are looking at mid- to upper 20s, which is kind of cold," Bell said.

This time last year, Johnson said, the temperatures also were near or above normal.

While Johnson said warmer weather looks to stick around until the end of November, the probability of the area receiving moisture remains slim.

"Precipitation chances through the month of November don't look good," he said.

He added this pattern looks to stick around until the end of the month.

"We are looking into the first week of December," Johnson said. "The next 10 to 14 days, it looks pretty dry with temps either at or above normal."