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Monday could bring snow


With the weather outside so frightful, it is safe to say winter has arrived.

"The atmosphere has been a little more active," said Mike Scott, Dodge City-based National Weather Service meteorologist.

Although some scattered snowfall hit the region, Scott said moisture remains scarce.

"We've had a few weather systems coming through," Scott said. "Generally, that's what's been going on, there really hasn't been enough moisture to deal with."

Scott said many locations received at most an inch of snow -- and a bone-chilling lows in the single digits.

"Its been just enough to make the roads slick, that's all it's pretty much been," he said.

The systems that moved through the area in the past week did not bring a lot of moisture, but Scott said they did bring wind, which accounted for the wind chill.

Looking ahead, there is a small chance of snow early in the week Monday.

"I think even coming up in the next week, I think our best shot for anything worth while is probably Monday, New Years Eve," Scott said. "I don't think it's going to amount to a whole lot."

The temperatures will be higher today, possibly reaching upper 30s to lower 40s, but they'll will be dropping as Monday's front moves into the area.

The mercury will sit in the lower 30s on Monday and Tuesday, but Scott said the temperature might climb into the upper 30s by next weekend.

After the front passes through the area, Scott said the remainder of the week will be dry.