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Roosevelt staff shows its support for principal's decision-making

Roosevelt teacher Kim Lyon, who has been with Hays USD 489 for 32 years, read a statement at Monday’s board meeting supporting Principal Lee Keffer:

“The social media is a wonderful thing. It allows us to stay in contact with friends, family and colleagues in real time. While we enjoy using the social media, it can also become extremely harmful. Information sharing in real time doesn’t always allow for thoughtful responses and the sharing of factual information by all those involved in the conversation. The Roosevelt Elementary staff has recently become personally aware of the harm social media can impart.

“We choose to work at Roosevelt Elementary because we believe in our students, our parents, our staff and our mission.

“We understand and embrace the tremendous task of supporting parents and the community in raising remarkable young adults equipped with the tools they need to live happy and productive lives. This endeavor requires an environment that has rules, consequences, behavioral expectations and the re-enforcement of each.

“Having a dress code is conducive to having an environment for learning. Mr. Keffer came to Roosevelt, and with the input from the staff has worked to create the caring, safe and educationally strong environment that is Roosevelt School.

“We have been fortunate to have Mr. Lee Keffer join our Roosevelt family this year. He has been a great addition to our staff. We thank him for seeking staff input. We thank him for promoting positive interactions between staff, students and parents. We thank him for creating that safe cohesive learning environment, and we thank him for standing behind those same staff decisions. Mr. Keffer is a man of integrity, and a man of his word, and we are proud to be Roosevelt Elementary.”

The letter was signed by Roosevelt staff members Kim Lyon, Jeannine Bergsma-Lutters, Jeanne Hauptman, Gloria Blackwell, Marla Wasinger, Traci Henning, Staci Straub, Andrea Wichers, Dustin Engel, Bobbie Dinkel, Angie Kippes, Suzanne Leikam, Mary Straub, Janel Mollecker, Renae Booth, Rita Legleiter, Marilyn Davidson, Tanya Boeckner, Lois Britten, Karla Leiker, Tammy Lichter, Michelle Callahan, Aubrey Brooks, Joanne Wasinger, Dawn Keil, Pat Schumacher, Vicki French, Rachael Summers, Yvette Moritz, Connie Yost, Angela Miller, Nina McNeal, Darlene Arnhold, Lesley Schonthaler, Connie Kuhn, Kathy Basinger, Jan Burkholder, Patti Park, Amy Mayo, Amy Werth and Gay Flax.