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City OKs 2013 street maintenance plan


Hays city commissioners gave the nod to the city's 2013 street maintenance program at their Thursday night meeting, authorizing city staff to solicit bids for work proposed for the 2013 season.

John Braun, Hays assistant public works director, gave commissioners an overview of the street maintenance program beginning with a review of a consultant's automated assessment in 2011. That assessment gave city staff a detailed picture of pavement conditions throughout Hays.

"A strategy for effective pavement maintenance is to spend money early in the pavement life when maintenance costs are less," Braun told commissioners. "The objective is to keep the pavement in a better state of repair for a longer time while spending less money in the long run.

"That is achieved by performing maintenance on streets before they fall into a higher cost category of pavement repair."

City staff recommended commissioners accept the street maintenance program, which includes seal coat, $170,000; chip seal, $130,000; poly-patch, $50,000; diamond grind, $15,000; curb and brick repair, $95,000; in-house work, $150,000; and sidewalk rebates, $20,000.

Funding for the projects of $630,000 is based on the special highway funds budgeted for 2013. In addition, commissioners approved allocation of $250,000 from city commission financial policy projects to rehabilitate Fort Street from 20th to 27th streets.

The Fort Street rehab project will coincide with planned waterline work set for 2013.

The staff also recommended commissioners consider future proactive measures in regard to streets.

"We would like to add onto that as a recommendation for the future that the commission consider augmenting special highway funds ... adding $250,000 annually to the special highway money so we could build a program that hopefully meets the needs of the standard deterioration of the streets instead of continually falling behind," Braun said.

In other business:

* Commissioners approved a established a benefit district, engineering services agreement and change order request for the 46th Street Second Addition.

* Henry Schwaller IV and Kent Steward were absent.

* Commissioners approved a resolution redefining the city's boundaries.