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Ellis County students receive degrees from FHSU

The names of 2,080 students who completed requirements for associate, bachelor and graduate degrees during the spring 2013 semester at Fort Hays State University have been released by FHSU Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Joey Linn, who is also university registrar.

The following Ellis County students received degrees:

Catharine: Haley A. Karlin, B.S. in health and human performance (health promotion and wellness).

Ellis: Justin Wayne Gnad, B.S. in physics; Jennifer Lynn Jacques, B.S. in nursing; Jordan E. Lang, B.S. in nursing; Amber R. North, B.A. in music; Whitney Ann Taylor, B.S. in biology (biological and medical laboratory); Sara Ann Unruh, B.S. in biology (biodiversity and conservation); Brian Lee White, master of fine arts (painting); Toni Lynette Younger, M.S. in nursing (family nurse practitioner).

Schoenchen: Heidi L. Fieler, bachelor of general studies (leadership).

Victoria: Ousmane Camara, B.A. in political science; Shari Ann Hertel, M.S. in nursing (nursing education); Courtney L. Kanzenbach, B.B.A. in marketing; Taylor G. Lang, B.B.A. in management; Jordan M. Ottley, B.S. in elementary education; Amanda Lyne Thomas, bachelor of general studies (child development); Cody J. Vonlintel, B.S. in geography.

Hays A-E

Jocelyn Mae Adams, B.S. in mathematics (teaching); Karen Michelle Bailey, B.S. in Nursing; Adil Bajeel, B.S. in information networking and telecommunications; Jason Ball, B.B.A. in accounting; Keri Renee Becker, B.S. in speech-language pathology; Vanessa Marie Beilman, B.A. in English (teaching) and B.S. in secondary education; Todd James Blackwill, Ed.S. in school psychology; Shawna Lynne Borger, B.B.A. in accounting (public accounting); Dustin Lane Boshart, B.F.A. in art (studio art); Jami I. Bouray, B.B.A. in accounting (public accounting) and B.B.A. in finance (financial planning); Grant Alan Brown, B.S. in health and human performance (K-12 teaching and coaching); Kasandra Ann Brown, B.S. in biology (zoology); Jonathan David Broyles, B.S. in agricultural business and B.S. in agriculture (agronomy); Travis Meyer Budke, B.S. in justice studies; Travis W. Camac, associate of general studies (general business); Meagan Rae Carver, B.A. in sociology; Rui Chen, M.B.A. (finance); Tanner Wade Christensen, B.S. in biology (pre-occupational therapy); Adrian Michelle Clabaugh, B.B.A. in management; Dylan John Clabaugh, B.A. in philosophy; Crystal Lee Colston, B.S. in speech-language pathologyl Adam L. Conkey, B.A. in foreign language (German); Evan James Cronn, B.S. in justice studies; Shawn Stephen Demuth, bachelor of music (music education) and B.S. in secondary education; Gretchen L. Dietz, A.S. in radiologic technology and B.S. in medical diagnostic imaging; Braden Quinn Dreiling, B.A. in political science; Sarah Michelle Dreiling, B.S. in nursing; Danielle Nicole Elliott, M.S. in counseling (community); Christina Marie Engel, A.S. in radiologic technology and B.S. in medical diagnostic imaging.

Hays F-H

Sierra A. Fabrizius, B.B.A. in marketing; Michelle Denise Fairbank, M.S. in counseling (community); Fan Fei, master of liberal studies (art); Paul M. Flesher, B.S. in mathematics; Chadwick Dean Foust, M.B.A. (finance); Tyler J. Fross, B.S. in justice studies; Jacqueline R. Gallentine, A.S. in radiologic technology; Stephanie A. Ganoung, B.A. in sociology; Blanca Elizabeth Garcia, bachelor of general studies; Claudia Garcia, B.B.A. in international business and economics; Danielle K. Garcia, B.F.A. in art (studio art); Melisa Jean Garrison, B.B.A. in management (human resource management); Sarah Renee Gist, bachelor of general studies (health promotion); Tanner Vincent Glad, B.S. in psychology; Jolie Renee Green, B.F.A. in art (studio art); Zheng Guan, Master of Business Administration (finance); Ryan M. Harter, B.S. in information networking and telecommunications (computer networking); Jeremy M. Henning, M.S. in geosciences (geography); Whitney Lynn Hersh, bachelor of general studies (historical studies); Heidi J. Hines, B.S. in psychology; Samantha Nicole Honn, B.S. in health and human performance (health promotion and wellness); Xinchen Hou, bachelor of general studies (communication); Anne E. Houston, B.A. in English (writing); Patrick M. Huddleston, B.S. in physical science and B.S. in secondary education; Sarah E. Hull, B.S. in justice studies; Christine Cecile Hunziker, associate of general studies; Dustin Michael Hutchison, B.S. in technology studies (industrial technology).

Hays J-M

Kevin Aaron Jeffrey, B.S. in psychology; Terrence C. Jensen, bachelor of general studies (technological studies); Gloria Jean Johnson, B.S. in mathematics (teaching) and B.S. in secondary education; Luke S. Johnson, master of liberal studies (music); Justin William Kerby, M.S. in biology; Adam David Kirchman, B.S. in nursing; Autumn R. Lacy, B.S. in elementary education (early childhood unified); Brittany E. Lang, bachelor of social work; Brian Allan Lee, B.S. in justice studies; Nichole Lee Lind, Ed.S. in school psychology; Bethany Danielle Lobmeyer, bachelor of general studies (psychological studies); Jeremy Scott Lovin, M.S. in instructional technology; Taylor J. Lunsford, B.A. in English (writing); Matthew J. Malott, B.B.A. in management; Christopher R. Mann, B.S. in information networking and telecommunications (computer networking); Justin Birdwell Maughan, B.S. in physics; Zachary L. McCall, B.S. in technology studies (industrial technology); Mackenzie Reigh McCartney, B.S. in speech-language pathology; Jennifer L. Meagher, Ed.S. in school psychology; Andrea J. Mehringer, B.A. in psychology; Emma Elizabeth Meier, B.S. in mathematics (teaching); Colin G. Miller, B.S. in chemistry; Jill Deann Moeder, B.S. in organizational leadership; Whitney Shea Moeder, M.B.A. (human resource management); Ashley M. Montgomery, B.S. in agriculture (agronomy); Whitney M. Montgomery, bachelor of social work.

Hays N-R

Christopher David Neeley, M.S. in geosciences (geology); Victoria S. North, B.A. in art (studio art); Travis Haden Olive, M.S. in education administration; Stephanie Onyeador, B.S. in psychology; Randy Stuart Ouellette, B.S. in geography; Zachary Roy Patterson, B.S. in physics; Adam Lee Peterson, B.S. in agricultural business; Whitney Pfannenstiel, B.S. in nursing; Marvin Cliffton Pitts, M.S. in health and human performance; Ryan P. Post, B.B.A. in finance; Joyce Nicole Preisner, B.S. in speech-language pathology; David Ramirez, B.B.A. in management; Marcella Rene Rhoads, B.S. in nursing; Nathan L. Riedel, B.A. in English (writing); Catherine Noelle Robinson, B.S. in nursing; Misty Dawn Rohleder, bachelor of general studies (psychological studies); William Rolfs, B.S. in geology; Jason Michael Roth, B.B.A. in accounting; Glenda M. Rowe, M.S. in nursing (family nurse practitioner); Kelton M. Rule, B.S. in justice studies; Danielle R. Russell, B.F.A. in art (interior design).

Hays S-Z

Carol Sabath, M.S. in nursing (family nurse practitioner); Audra M. Sagastume, B.F.A. in art (graphic design); Daniela G. Sanchez, B.S. in general science; Dalia A. Sandoval, B.B.A. in accounting (public accounting) and B.A. in foreign language; Alex M. Schaeffer, B.S. in computer science (mathematics); Stephanie L. Schmeidler, B.S. in nursing; Zach W. Schneweis, B.B.A. in accounting; Jill Elizabeth Schoendaler, M.S. in speech-language pathology; Mark E. Schroeder, B.B.A. in marketing; Skyler R. Schultz, B.S. in computer science (physics); Courtney Beth Schweizer, B.A. in art (art history); Jerdan L. Schweizer, B.S. in agriculture; Leah M. Sharp, B.B.A. in management; Christopher Lee Shumway, B.A. in history; Samuel Joseph Smith, B.S. in biology (education); Adam Charles Staab, M.S. in geosciences (geology); Logan J. Staab, B.S. in information networking and telecommunications (computer networking); Victoria P. Strobel, B.S. in medical diagnostic imaging (ultrasound); Evan Lynne Talkington, B.A. in psychology; Jarrod Levi Temple, B.S. in geography; Kenneth Templin, master of liberal studies (information assurance); Linda Elizabeth Thomasson, B.A. in English (writing)' Josie A. Thompson, A.S. in radiologic technology and B.S. in medical diagnostic imaging; Castill Hector Villanueva, bachelor of general studies (general business); Erin Michelle Wagner, M.S. in speech-language pathology; John Joseph Wagner, B.S. in information networking and telecommunications (computer networking); Zachary Elias Watkins, M.S. in health and human performance; Samantha G. Weary, B.S. in organizational leadership; Kimberly C. Weber, B.B.A. in management (human resource management); Audrey Mae Werth, B.S. in agricultural business; Katie Marie Wieser, B.S. in elementary education; Kaycee N. Wilson, B.F.A. in art (graphic design); Ryan James Zeltwanger, B.S. in agriculture (beef cattle management); Qian Zhang, master of liberal studies (global management); Xukai Zhou, bachelor of general studies (legal studies).