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Write-in campaign proves successful in Logan County


OAKLEY -- Provisional ballots in Logan County's see-saw Third District county commission contest have tilted the balance in favor of incumbent Clint Kvasnicka.

Nine provisional ballots were assigned to Kvasnicka's write-in campaign, which stood at a single vote behind candidate Doug Mackley at the end of voting Nov. 6.

On Thursday, Logan County canvassed its votes, and Kvasnicka was declared the winner of the race, according to Logan County Clerk Crystal Rucker. Kvasnicka received 126 votes to Mackley's 122 votes.

Most of the provisional ballots ultimately determining the outcome of the contest were held up due to address concerns, she said.

Kvasnicka's first term on the commission has been tumultuous, to the point of being asked by fellow commissioners to step down. He refused.

Longtime incumbent Robert "Nick" Scott lost to challenger David Hubert 344-149.

Mackley and Kvasnicka have been running against each other in the commission race -- covering western Logan County -- in the last four elections, both the primary and general election in 2008 and again this year.

Mackley, who lost to Kvasnicka in both the primary and general elections in 2008, beat Kvasnicka during the August primary this year by an 82-58 margin.

"He beat me in the primary," Kvasnicka said.

Kvasnicka said he didn't work hard waging the write-in campaign for the election.

"I explain it this way," he said. "People wanted change, and they like the change they got four years ago."

Winning a write-in campaign is unusual, failing in both Sherman and Cheyenne counties in the general election this year.

Although Rucker is only a year into her job as Logan County clerk, she's not aware of a write-in campaign being successful.

"It's definitely pretty uncommon," she said.