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Those filing for elections

Candidates who have filed for seats in the newly reconfigured state Senate and House of Representatives districts in northwest Kansas. "I" signifies incumbent.

Kansas Senate

District 33

Mitch Holmes, R-St. John

Ruth Teichman, R-Stafford (I)

District 36

Marquis Clark, D-Concordia

Kyle Abbott, R-Smith Center

Elaine S. Bowers, R-Concordia

District 40

Allen C. Schmidt, D-Hays

John E. Miller, R-Norton

Ralph Ostmeyer, R-Grinnell (I)

Kansas House of Representatives

District 109

Trey Joy, R-Smith Center

Larry Joe Lambert, R-Smith Center

Troy L. Waymaster, R-Luray

District 110

Philip H. Martin, D-Ellis

Travis Couture-Lovelady, R-Palco

Lawrence J. Reichert, R-Hays

District 111

Eber E. Phelps, D-Hays (I)

Sue E. Boldra, R-Hays

District 117

Dennis McKinney, D-Greensburg

John L. Ewy, R-Jetmore

Mitchell Rucker, R-Burdett

John W. Unruh, R-Haviland

District 1118

Don Hineman, R-Dighton (I)

District 120

Richard (Rick) Billinger, R-Goodland

Ward M. Cassidy, R-St Francis (I)