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Hays sees highest February snow total in 110 years

You have to go all the way back to 1903 to find a bigger single-day snowfall in February, and then not by much.

Wednesday’s snowfall of 10 inches is the second highest 24-hour snowfall report for February since records have been maintained at what is now the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center, which has maintained snowfall records since 1894.

The high is 12 inches, recorded on Feb. 27, 1903.

Today’s snowfall amount — for the past 24 hours — hasn’t been reported yet. But Thursday was supposed to bring the heaviest snowfall, making it likely the total will be among the highest, if not the highest on record for the month.

February 1903 was an active month, the snowiest month on record, when a record 42 inches of snow fell.

In addition to the 12-inch Feb. 27 snow, heavy snows also were reported that month on Feb. 26 when 7 inches fell and Feb. 4 when 6 inches fell.

Prior to the latest round of snow, the previous high was 18 inches in December 1983. Before that, 25 inches fell in March 1958.