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Teens all taped up

for library fundraiser


The Hays Daily News

Hays Public Library's young adult department organizes a fundraiser each spring that is more than a little unorthodox. At 10 a.m. April 14, teens will participate in the fourth annual Taped 4 Teens event.

"Taped 4 Teens is a fundraiser we do every year," said Emma Detrixhe, who is in charge of the event. "For every dollar the teens raise, they literally get taped to the outside of the building for one minute."

The participants all receive an envelope when they sign up to help, then the fun begins. With a competitive atmosphere, the kids try to get the most donations from friends, family and neighbors.

But that isn't all. When the teens physically are taped to the outside of the building, they get to hold signs and collection bins so people passing by on the street can donate, too.

"All of the money raised goes to our summer reading program, Cake," Detrixhe said. "Last year, we raised over $300."

More specifically, the money raised will go to buy prizes and supplies needed for the summer activities.

It seems a little strange the participants willingly want to be secured to the building, Detrixhe said.

"It's actually kind of funny," she said. "We asked the Teen Advisory Board if they would rather be taped to the building for a shorter amount of time if they raised money, but they all agreed that they wanted to stay taped longer for the more they earned."

The teens see it in a completely different light.

"As a little kid, there is always a fascination with duck tape," said Kelsi Martin, an eighth-grader at Kennedy Middle School. "This is the closet kids are ever going to get to being taped to the ceiling."

Martin isn't the only participant who has a fascination with being taped above the ground.

"I've never been taped to a wall before," said Haley Spears, a sixth-grader at Kennedy. "I asked if I could be taped above the ground, but they said I'd need a doctor to do that."

Haley and her sister, Riley, spend almost every weekday after school at the library and are excited to participate.

"My mom always says the library does so much for us, and we should do something to give back to them," Riley said.