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Wind farm dots landscape


WILSON -- Already well under way, the Post Rock Wind Farm being constructed just east of the city of Wilson will supply enough electricity to power more than 70,000 homes.

In the meantime, however, cranes -- large and small -- dot the countryside on the south side of Interstate 70. When it becomes operational, 134 GE 1.5 megawatt wind turbines will spin the Kansas wind.

Developed by Wind Capital Group, electricity from the wind farm has been sold to Westar Energy, part of a 20-year purchase contract. The farm is expected to go into operation in June.

While the turbines will be located primarily in Ellsworth County, a 31-mile transmission line will send the power to a Rice County substation.

The project covers 23,000 acres and a $643,000 payment-in-lieu-of-taxes will be paid annually for the first 10 years, according to project spokesman Tony Wyche.