Heavy rains during the weekend northeast of Hays will mean some county roads might be closed for several more days.

Rainfall amounts overnight Saturday and early Sunday north of the Emmeram and Catharine areas ranged from 4 to 6 inches and resulted in flash flooding, washing out some of the roads in the area, said Bill Ring, director of Ellis County Public Works.

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network showed a report Sunday morning of 5.6 inches approximately 9 miles east-northeast of Hays along Buckeye Road.

“We’ve got lots of roads closed in that area until we can get crews up there and the waters subside,” he said Monday morning. “There’s some roads that will have to be closed for three or four days maybe.”

The worst damage Ring and county road crews found was on a mile-long portion of St. John-St. Andrew Road near Codell Avenue, where flood waters left a gaping hole in more than half the road and washed away the remaining half a distance of a few car lengths.

“It would swallow my truck, and then I could put one next to it,” Ring said.

Some roads became passable Sunday afternoon, but more rains overnight and more in the forecast tonight could create more problems through the week, he said.

Ring said he’s grateful for his crews, some of whom gave up time off today.

“They came in anyway because they know how much damage we’ve got, which I was very appreciative of,” he said.

While county crews and law enforcement will check for impassable roads, Ring said assistance from the public is appreciated as well.

“If you see standing water and it’s not coned off, please call dispatch at 625-1011. We’ll be glad to go and check it out,” he said.

A single cone on a road indicates the road has some damage but is passable, Ring said. Barricades or a solid line of cones warn the road is closed.