So often we submit our complaints which only drives hate and resentment. Recently my wife had major back surgery and was dismissed after 6 days from the Spine Hospital in Wichita (an excellent facility and staff) having reached the maximum care they could give in her situation. Some dura mater (part of the covering of the spinal cord) had come off during surgery so she had to be flat in bed for 48 hours. They wanted to send us to Wesley Hospital and were unaware of the Hutchinson Hospital inpatient Therapy care unit until we insisted they check out. My wife was in the Hutchinson unit for 10 days. Their care and attitude were the greatest we have experienced. I am a hands on person and they didn't bat an eye to allow me to observe and help wherever I could. In fact, they taught me how to dress my wife's wound and what to look for when we got home. The staff met and exceeded our needs far beyond expectation. All levels of Physicians, Therapists, Nurses, Dietary, and Housekeeping did an exceptional job. Again, I can not say enough thanks.

Don Ratzloff