Hays USD 489 Superintendent John Thissen said he is not surprised at the Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling that the Legislature did not meet constitutional requirements in funding the state’s schools, but recognizes the ruling itself has little effect at this point.

“All they’re saying is they expect the legislators to do something,” Thissen said about an hour after the court’s ruling was released to the public Monday afternoon.

Still, he said the fact the court put the issue back into the Legislature’s hands is a positive move.

“I think they have every desire the Legislature make that decision. I would say it’s good the Supreme Court made that decision, that they’re supportive that there’s more attention that should be given to that,” he said.

The biggest difficulty the Legislature will face is deciding how much money will meet the adequacy test, considering the state’s financial situation, he said.

“There’s got to be the realism. The state in general is in a little bit of dire straits with revenue. There’s got to be some realism in the whole process, too, with what’s available,” he said.