RUSSELL — Russell County is the latest Kansas county to express interest in recruiting a potential multi-million dollar Tyson chicken plant, which had been planned near Tonganoxie. Those plans failed after a public outcry of opposition in that area.

A proposal of interest has been submitted to Tyson after a meeting of city and county officials, as well as economic development programs and local business leaders, according to a statement from Alan Kuntzsch, chairman of the Russell County Commission.

Kuntsch stressed it is early in the process, and all the county has done so far is express interest in a possible project.

Potential job growth was cited as a primary reason for the county’s interest.

“Russell County Economic Development and CVB met with a group of city, county, legislative and business leaders to submit a proposal of interest for the Tyson project,” he said in a written statement, released by the Russell County economic development and CVB office.

“The interest in this project is sought for the potential new job growth that it would bring to the area. At this time, we are only in the proposal phase. Further progress on this proposal will be made if interest is returned by those that are reviewing proposals.”

Proposals have been submitted by other Kansas counties, including Reno, Sedgwick and Harvey.

Several factors could contribute to the company’s decision of where to locate, including obtaining enough acreage and sufficient water supply.