One of the most heart-rending experiences as a parent is the loss of a child. Rhonda Johnson Wootton knows this only too well because it happened to her.

The unique story is in the book “Watching the Dragonfly Dance,” which is available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as the publisher, Westbow Press. She is visiting bookstores throughout Kansas and will be at The Messenger, 2512 Vine in Hays, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Oct. 20. For more information, call The Messenger at (785) 621-2085.

In the summer of 2011, she was part of a short-term mission team sent to Mongolia from her home church in Colorado Springs, Colo. She had been to Mongolia many times before to partner with Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ, and this year seemed no different. Wootton never would have imagined how the trip unfolded, however, and more, how it would change her life.

During her time in Mongolia, she enjoyed reconnecting with a family she had grown close to through the years; they were leaders in the Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ ministry and had two young boys.

While Wootton was there, Baataraa and Zula’s youngest son contracted a deadly spider bite and died, which devastated their family, as well as Rhonda. She extended her stay in Mongolia just to minister and offer comfort for her dear friends. The day after their boy’s funeral, Wootton got the word her son had been in a fatal ATV accident in the U.S.

Through these incredible circumstances, she and Zula and their families became bonded forever. They experienced the worst loss of their lives together, grieved together.