Hays Community Theater will offer a chance to unwind at the end of the week with comedy, magic and hypnotism.

Bryan Snyder-Brown, who goes by the stage name Buzz, will present the 90-minute show at 7:30 p.m. at HCT, 118 E. 11th. Admission is $5, and doors open at 7 p.m. The show is recommended for ages 18 and older.

The show is a combination of interests that began from Snyder’s youth, spent mostly in Hays and Munjor. Magic got his interest first, and he got into stand-up comedy at a local hotel nightclub.

“I started doing comedy back in 2008 when the Ramada was still a thing and they had comedy night,” he said of the now demolished hotel on north Vine Street. “I would go up there and present my material.”

He is self-taught in hypnotism after being fascinated by a hypnotist at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

“I went to school for broadcast communication and psychology, so it was kind of right up my alley, or so I thought,” he said.

He practiced his hypnotism skills on a few friends, but got a real test recently at an extended show at Escape Hays, where Snyder-Brown is the manager. The business had booked a large group of teenagers who all wanted to try each of the escape rooms. His boss hired him to entertain the kids through the day.

“We had to run 10 hours worth of games to get everyone through,” Snyder-Brown said.

“I have a lot of comedy and magic built up, but (the show) was for a younger group. So the college-age material wasn’t really acceptable.”

During Friday’s show, Snyder-Brown will choose volunteers from the audience to be hypnotized. While the volunteers might be subject to being laughed at, they won’t be made to do something they wouldn’t normally do, Snyder-Brown said.

“The biggest thing I tell people is your morals and values are still there,” he said.

One thing he won’t make someone do? Cluck like a chicken.

“I don’t do that to people because it’s so cliche it irritates me,” he said.

What volunteers might find is they can’t remember names, numbers or important details. He said he’s made a student from China forget her native language. She was acting as a translator for a group of students he performed for.

“She asked them to stop speaking whatever language they were and speak English. They were blown away,” Snyder-Brown said.