The liberal left is becoming unhinged – riots, vandalism, destruction of public and private property, verbal threats directed at the president and police officers, calls for unwarranted impeachment, House representatives seeking presidential removal, and acts that indicate a hateful heart.


Why are those who destroy public property and endanger police officers not arrested and incarcerated? Why are those who openly threaten the life of a duly elected president allowed to walk free? Why aren’t the ones who viciously destroy historical monuments allowed to continue to walk the streets of our nation? These are criminals and should be treated as such. Free speech has no place for such destruction, verbal attacks and threats.


The ones destroying and defacing Civil War monuments are local terrorists. They are no different than the ISIS terrorists who destroyed the priceless monuments at the historic city of Palmira. For goodness sakes, the Civil War is history and should be regarded as such. Does that now mean that Mount Rushmore and the Washington Monument be demolished because someone regards them as less than historical? Everything that exists today is and was probably not appreciated at some point in history, but that doesn’t mean they should be erased.


It is time that common sense, if any is left, should take over and those who do criminal acts be regarded as such. It might also be good if the financiers of such groups be regarded as anti-law, and that would be George Soros with his socialist philosophy. If you want to wreck this great nation, keep up the mentally mad ideology that foments such actions. Wouldn’t it be better if those who march for destruction get a job and contribute to the betterment of our society rather than take away from it?

Ralph Vogel