City pet tags for 2018 are now on sale at the city clerk’s office, 1507 Main. By city ordinance, all domestic dogs and cats are to be registered with the city prior to March 1 of each year.

Spayed and neutered animals may be registered for $5, while those animals that are unaltered cost $25 to register. After March 1, a $10 penalty is assessed to the cost of registering your pet up to $50.

The benefits of having your pets registered are:

• A speedy reunion with your pet. The Hays Police Department has 24 hour a day access to the pet registration database, and a quick search of the tag number yields owner information immediately.

• Once contact is made with the owner, the animal is returned home. This saves officers trips to the shelter to impound the animal, as well as saving the dog owner impound fees and a trip to the shelter to retrieve the animal.

Staffordshire terriers, pit bulls, pit bull mixes and dogs that have been deemed dangerous through the court must be registered as a dangerous dog. If you have a pit bull or a dog that has been found dangerous through court, contact Hays Animal Control to answer any questions you might have about registration.