OSBORNE — A snapshot of farm kids having fun at harvest will benefit communities in Osborne County for years to come.

Shana Guttery’s photo of her daughter, Stormy, and son Clay having a sword fight with corn stalks was one of three top vote getters in Resicore Herbicide’s Power to Do More contest, garnering $10,000 for the Osborne Community Foundation.

The results of the contest were announced Wednesday morning. Online voting for the contest started in March and continued through April 22.

The Guttery family will also receive tickets to an upcoming race at what they identified as their favorite sports venue, Talladega Speedway in Licoln, Ala.

“We are blown away by the participation in this year’s contest and want to congratulate Shana Guttery and the Osborne County Community Foundation,” said Lyndsie Kaehler, U.S. corn herbicides product manager for Dow AgroSciences. “In addition to donating money to the 10 community organizations, like last year, we are going to create videos of the three winning farmers, including Shana, to showcase the power of their operations. We appreciate their dedication to farming and their communities and are so proud to give back to them.”

The $10,000 will be invested as an endowed fund so it can keep on giving to the foundation, said foundation president Sarah LaRosh.

“We had our foundation board meeting (Tuesday) night, and we were just talking about the lasting impact of endowed funds,” she said.

“Even though $10,000 may not seem like a tremendous amount of money, when you endow it and invest it wisely, it makes a tremendous impact, especially in rural Kansas,” LaRosh said.

In its latest grant cycle, the foundation saw double the requests of the funds available, she said. That was partly due to residents’ increasing awareness of the foundation, which began in February 2017. It is an affiliate of the Greater Salina Community Foundation.

The foundation has received pass-through funding from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and raised its own funds, with grants going to improvements in parks in Natoma, Alton and Portis, the Osborne Public Library, a community garden in Downs and an accessible restroom in the Alton community room.