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Retiring USD 489 employees


Following is a list of retirees this year from Hays USD 489, with their current position and years of service to the district: Ann Adams, teacher, Hays High School, 16 years; Sandra Bainter, clerk, USD 489, 25; Corina Beam, teacher, HHS, 22; Jill Blurton, teacher, HHS, 28; Shiela Brening, director, USD 489 nutritional services, 35; Mary Alice Brent, teacher, USD 489 special education, 35; Donna Cooper, teacher, HHS, 44; Marilyn Davidson, teacher, Roosevelt Elementary, 43; Doug Greer, director, Hays Area Children's Center, 17; Kathryn Hafliger, special-education teacher, Hays High, 24; Robert Helget, special education para, HHS, 10; Larry Keil, teacher, Hays Middle School, 37; Lorna Martin, head cook, HMS, 27; Fred Pullmann, custodian, Rockwell Administration Center, 20; Tommy Reed, custodian, Lincoln Elementary, 16; Lesley Schonthaler, counselor, Roosevelt, 24; Patricia Schumacher, special-education teacher, Roosevelt, 16; Lynda Seifers, principal's secretary, HMS, 25; Connie Walters, special-education para, HHS, 11; Gera Lou Woofter, Title I teacher, Wilson Elementary, 23.