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City seeks airport input





The city of Hays will host a public hearing from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Friday at city hall about the environmental assessment underway at Hays Regional Airport.

The project was spurred by federal regulations requiring such a study when an airport switches from turboprop to turbojet service, said I.D. Creech, Hays director of public works.

SkyWest Airlines cannot land at the terminal until the survey is done, which is expected to conclude in mid-June.

The impact on noise levels and wildlife is under review, and the assessment also examines any potential for disruption from the two daily flights. City staff has changed vegetation on the property and removed standing water to discourage attracting animals, and there are property inspections to remove animals if they are collecting in the area.

Creech said turbojet engines are louder than turboprops, but the jets' angle of ascent and descent will limit the noise.