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Victoria native pens 5 books





Poetry, vampires and zombies share one thing in common: they all spring from the creative mind of a Kansas author.

Norma Jean (Kuhn) Linenberger, Salina, is a former resident of Hays and Victoria. Linenberger has authored four fiction books and one nonfiction collection of poetry, "Norma Jean's Poetry." Linenberger said her books are published through PublishAmerica.

The novels are part of her "Blood Sucking Series." "The Final Floor I," "Dripping Blood II," "Blood Banquet III" and "Six Feet Above IV" are the installments of the series. There are reoccurring characters in each book.

Linenberger said she has sold approximately 500 books to libraries in 10 states over four years, but that does not include sales in Salina. They are also available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

The murder mysteries revolve around the grisly tales of a serial killer, vampires and zombies. The stories are easy for her to write because the scary creatures make it compelling, Linenberger said.

"I felt it was easier for me to write in that genre and make it really interesting ... than it would be to write just some plain murder mystery thing," she said.

The endeavor has been a family affair. Linenberger has four children with her husband, Leo.

Debbie, Cherie and twins Jimmy and Jackie, all have been a part of the process. Jimmy titled the first and fourth novels, and Cherie helped type the poetry book.

Jackie, Debbie and her granddaughter, Milah, also all have supported her, she said.

After two years researching, Linenberger said she found an independent filming company in New York City that might put her series on the big screen. The author said she is searching for screenwriters in high schools, colleges and Los Angeles to undertake the task.

"I think it's going to be a long, drawn out affair to find a screenwriter," Linenberger said. "It's like pulling hen's teeth."

Linenberger said she has read her poetry at a football game at Sacred Heart High School in Salina, funeral homes during visitations, at the Hutchinson Raceway Park, Salina Speedway, the Capitol in Topeka, Salina's Sunset Park on Veterans Day and Battery Park in New York City.

Linenberger said she started writing first with poetry after her cousin, Frank Leikam, and his wife showed her their son's bundle of poetry. An advertisement for a writing class later inspired her to try her hand at literature, she said.

Linenberger said she will focus on finalizing a screenplay before she writes another book. One of her novels can take between five months to a year to complete, she said.