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Alumni hit right note with local band





ToneMeister's funky and jazzy sound was shaped by the band members' education at Fort Hays State University.

The four-man group performs their original work and covers such bands as The Black Keys, Sublime and Red Hot Chili Peppers. ToneMeister, which formed two years ago after meeting in school, headlined the Hays Blues, BBQ & Bargains event in July.

Chad Foust, singer and guitarist, said they do not often play bands' most recognizable tunes.

"We like music that isn't quite as popular," he said. "I hear the other songs a lot, and I don't want to play what every other band plays."

Foust said the band members' music experience at FHSU enables them to play together more effectively.

"We can communicate because we understand the language that goes with music," he said.

Nick Foust, Chad's younger brother and bass player, said playing with a close sibling adds to the experience.

"Especially playing with him, we have kind of a connection," Nick said. "We can just kind of look at each other and get what the other person wants us to do."

The Hays music scene is "growing" as Singers and other nightlife venues host bands more often, he said.

Brian Keller, saxophonist and keyboardist, said his FHSU education improved his talents.

"It's made me a better musician, for sure," Keller said.

Skyler Moe Houtz, drummer, also performs in the band.