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Hays dentist buys back 100 pounds of treats





A Hays dentist office ignored its own business plan to bring Halloween cheer to troops serving abroad.

Lifetime Dental Care collected approximately 100 pounds of candy from 25 children and five adults Monday at its office during the fifth annual Cash for Candy program. The business gave $1 for every pound donated.

Jana Lowe, chief financal officer at Lifetime Dental Care, said the candy will be shipped in 11 boxes to Afghanistan and other countries.

"It's about sugar, and sugar causes cavities," Lowe said. "We wondered if we could help the area, let them have fun trick or treating, but let's give back."

Lowe said last year the candy arrived during the soldiers' Christmas party, and they sent pictures back of them holding the signatures of the children who donated.

The office also sent toothbrushes in goody bags, Lowe said.

Chocolate cannot be shipped because it melts, she said. Smarties and suckers are the most popular candy, Lowe said.

Lowe said the office might consider making next year's event a competition between schools.