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City to discuss skate park, water renovations





The Hays City Commission will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at city hall and debate allowing a group to raise funds for an expansion to the skate park at Aubel-Bickle Park.

The Western Kansas Skate Park Committee, a community group, has a $250,000 vision to add a bowl and skating obstacles to the recreational area. Built in the mid-1990s, the skating community believes the park is outdated. A large group attended last week's work session, and several parents testified in favor of the renovations.

WKSC has not requested financial assistance from the city. The measure on the agenda would permit the group to raise money and deposit it with the city.

Also on the agenda:

* City staff has recommended hiring Stripe and Seal for $233,458 to improve waterlines under Hickory and Ash from 27th to 29th. If approved, the project would begin Oct. 1 and last 60 working days.

* Commissioners will vote on replacing water mains under Elm from Fort to Fourth Street. APAC-Kansas Inc. can do the work in the preferred summer timeframe for $151,406.

* Commissioners might authorize the first detection for leaks in the city's water systems. Wachs Water Services would examine approximately 180 miles of pipe for a cost not to exceed $43,920.

* Upgrades to 13th from Main to Milner will be considered. There is a $1.5 million base option for the four-block stretch, and city staff also has recommended $545,886 for improvements to the water system and pavement. Commissioners also can opt to add $505,980 in aesthetic renovations.

* The commission will determine which member will represent the governing body on the Ellis County Coalition Board. Mayor Henry Schwaller IV has volunteered.

* Schwaller's proposed appointments to local boards will be considered. The mayor has recommended Errol Wuertz for the Airport Advisory Committee, Justin McClung and Kris Munsch for the Hays Area Planning Commission, Dorothy McRae for the Hays Beautification Committee and David Goodlett for the Hays Public Library Board.