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Kansas tops nation in agriculture





Kansas might be derided by many, but it's a big player in U.S. agriculture.

The Sunflower State actually topped the nation in 2013 in terms of both wheat and grain sorghum production.

Kansas, in fact, produced nearly half of all the grain sorghum in the nation, according to Kansas Agricultural Statistics.

Wheat production stood at 319.2 million bushels last year, while sorghum amounted to 165.2 million bushels.

If that wasn't enough, Kansas is second in production of sorghum for silage, with 1.5 million tons, approximately a third of the nation's total production.

And it all comes from 28.5 million acres of crop land, the second highest in the nation.

But the list goes on.

Kansas can lay claim to six third-place rankings, in cattle and calves with 5.8 million head, cattle on feed at 2.1 million, the 46.1 million acres of land in farms, the 1 billion bushes of off-farm grain storage capacity, the almost 22 million acres of principal crops harvested, and the 5 billion pounds of commercial red-meat production.

The list goes on, with Kansas containing the sixth-largest number of irrigated cropland acres.

Or the eighth-largest bison inventory with 6,638 head.

It's also the eighth-largest producer of corn for grain.

But it's in 12th place as far as number of farms, with 61,800, and 16th place as far as the 136,000 milk cows in inventory.