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KanCare meeting draws only a handful





Approximately a dozen people, most service providers, attended the KanCare session Wednesday afternoon at the Robbins Center at Fort Hays State University.

The meetings are being in six communities across the state.

"The goal with the tour is to get feedback," said Dave Halferty with the Kansas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services, "and learn what's working well and not working well."

Scott Wituk, executive director of the Center for Community Support and Research at Wichita State University, and Seth Bate, director of leadership development at the center, facilitated the meeting.

Those attending formed two groups with Wituk and Bate leading a discussion of KanCare.

Some providers mentioned ongoing problems with billing and payment, as well as questions about how the system will work for those needing long-term care.

"Billing is a major issue," said Susie Nebel, DSNWK director of supervised living.

The KanCare process began with education for consumers, and now has moved into getting feedback from them.

"It was a big change," said Becky Ross, Kansas Department of Health and Environment. "We really want to hear from folks."