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HDN purchases website design service





The Hays Daily News has purchased Nex-Tech's eBusBuilder, a website  design  service.

The acquisition expands HDN's digital capabilities. The company's Pixel Power Haus  division already  develops custom websites and apps. Adding the eBusBuilder property will allow customers the option of choosing a templated site.

The application services approximately 65 websites for customers in northwest Kansas and Oklahoma. Nex-Tech will continue to host the websites on their servers.

Patrick Lowry, editor and publisher of the HDN, said it will be a "seamless transition" for customers. The venture serves to broaden customers' online presence.  

"As technology has changed, our focus has changed right along with it," Lowry said. "We created our Pixel Power Haus division eight years ago under the premise that if our customers are trying to reach their customers on all platforms, they can't do it without a website."

Mike Pollock, Nex-Tech's chief operating officer of competitive services, said Nex-Tech wanted to pursue a different direction with its services.  

"We're just refocusing our business, and we were looking for a good partner to acquire these customers. Hays Daily News was interested, and it was a great fit," Pollock said.

The sale is effective today.