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Students go shoeless to help give poverty the boot





Fort Hays State University marched Tuesday for children everywhere. Approximately 10 students supported TOMS One Day Without Shoes by going shoeless to raise awareness of the role shoes play in children's well-being around the world.

The Global Leadership Project, in collaboration with Tigers in Service, hosted the event.

"TOMS One Day Without Shoes helps raise awareness for how important it is to provide children with shoes," said Carly McCracken, student coordinator for the GLP. "Most college students can barely stand to have their feet exposed for a few hours, while children in other countries live their entire lives barefoot."

TOMS is an international organization that helps provide shoes to children in Third World countries.

"(Being shoeless) opens them up to many risk," McCracken said. "Children without shoes have a higher risk of getting an infection and parasites."

Students supported the cause by decorating T-shirts, checking in shoes, donating and marching shoeless around the quad.

"When children are sick, they can't go to school," McCracken said. "Education is key in helping eliminate poverty. Without education, that child will just continue the vivacious poverty cycle. All of this could have been prevented if that child had a pair of shoes."