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Football player relieved to hear sister survived





Marshall Musil's family spent a few frantic hours Monday, trying to find out if his sister was safe.

Musil's sister, Meredith, is an English teacher at Norman North High School in Norman, Okla., just a few miles from where an EF5 tornado devastated parts of Moore, Okla., on Monday afternoon.

"We couldn't get a hold of her; phone lines were jammed," Marshall Musil said Tuesday. "That kind of had us worried for a while."

With the tornado approaching the area, the high school went into lockdown for everyone's safety.

"It was all chaos at the high school," Marshall Musil said.

After the tornado passed, Meredith Musil was able to go home, but she had no electricity, no way to contact her family. Finally, she found a Wi-Fi hotspot at a Starbucks and was able to send a Facebook message to Marshall. Later, she talked to her mother on the phone.

"She was just glad to hear her mom's voice, and vice versa," Marshall Musil said. "Mom was kind of freaking out."

Marshall Musil, who had lived in Norman as part of the University of Oklahoma football team after a standout high school career in La Crosse, also was able to contact some of his football friends to find out they were safe. He also heard on social media a couple strength coaches for the Sooners had their houses destroyed.

Musil, who plans to play football for Fort Hays State University in the fall in his last year of eligibility, said he "couldn't even imagine" the destruction in Moore, with at least 24 fatalities.

He was just happy his sister was safe.