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Warm weather not expected to last; chance of snow this week




While the sunshine and moderate temperatures might feel like a reprieve from winter's blast, they aren't that unusual, according to John Finch, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Dodge City.

Normal high temperatures are in the upper 40s, but "have a broad range this time of year," he said.

Temperatures can vary 13 degrees either higher or lower and still be considered in the normal range.

With record highs for this time of year in the mid-70s, we're "not anywhere close. It just goes to show the variability," he said.

However, Mother Nature will be showing a different side by the middle of the week.

"We could have highs in the 30s on Wednesday, and lower 20s by Thursday and Friday," Finch said.

Though no major precipitation is expected, there might be some light snow with the colder temperatures.

It's too far ahead to predict what parts of the state will get snow, or how much accumulation, he said.