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Harry Potter stamps slow in coming to rural areas


Stamp collectors and Harry Potter fans in rural America are being left out in the cold thanks to a never-before-used approach on marketing limited-edition stamp collections.

Released in late November, a series of 20 limited edition stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service are limited in where they can be purchased.

Small post offices haven't been provided with the stamps and likely won't until sometime in January, according to USPS spokesman Brian Sperry.

He was quick to say, however, they can be purchased online at usps.com or by telephone at (800) 782-6724.

The stamps are being made available in only 3,100 post offices that have been designated as a Premier Post Office.

There are only 31 premier locations in Kansas, including Hays.

It's the first time USPS has sidestepped post offices in selling commemorative stamps, and Sperry said he isn't sure if it will happen again.

"We love stamp collectors," he said.

For the money as well as for what it offers as a hobby.

"We're hoping with the issuance of Harry Potter stamps, we'll interest some younger folks to get involved with stamp collecting," he said.