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Ultimately You helps clients feel new





In lieu of a time machine, a health facility in Hays helps patients turn back the clock with each appointment.

Ultimately You Med Spa Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Clinic, 1010 Downing, has expanded its services during the past 18 months, said Clayton Taylor, spa technician. It has adopted less invasive procedures for weight loss and skin therapy faster than competitors in Wichita and Kansas City, he said.

Ultrasonic cavitation, an alternative to traditional liposuction, uses ultrasound waves to dissolve and dispose of unwanted fat through the renal system, Taylor said. Two to three weekly sessions can lead to losing an average of 1 inch of girth.

Dermapens, a procedure that reached America 10 months ago, use 11 microscopic needles. They are used to traumatize the treatment area, and nutrients respond to heal the affected area. The skin is revitalized for a more youthful appearance, and scars and stretch marks are alleviated. Twenty-three days are required between treatments to train the tissue.

Radio frequency lifting uses the power of a frequency to tighten muscles, moisturize skin and restore collagen. Results can be seen immediately, and two to three sessions are needed.

The human chorionic gonadotropin diet is a weight loss program that uses a hormone found in pregnant women to consume unnecessary fat for the benefit of the fetus. Paired with a 500 calorie diet that cuts sugar, fat and carbohydrates, the hormone burns 3,000 to 5,000 calories each day without exercise or hunger. The patient increases caloric intake of the same food for three weeks after stopping the medicine.

Taylor said the new services offer patients a range of options to improve their self-image.

"We're just always looking for new ways to help people to feel better about themselves, and everyone wants to be youthful and feel good about themselves," he said.

Safety is the clinic's top priority, he said.

"Everything we do here, before we put it on the market and sell it, we test it and make sure it works," he said. "We're certified and trained in everything we do."

Consultations are free. The clinic's other services also include laser hair removal, treating age spots and spider veins, and removing tattoos.