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Contract talks continue to spur questions




Approving employment contracts continues to be troublesome for the Hays USD 489 Board of Education.

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Approving employment contracts continues to be troublesome for the Hays USD 489 Board of Education.

Principals' and certified directors' contracts were an issue at Monday's work session.

Superintendent Dean Katt recommended the board vote to extend the principals' and directors' contracts and included contracts in packets board members receive.

Last month, Darren Schumacher, board vice president, initially declined to approve contracts for Mark Hauptman, assistant superintendent of special services, and Shanna Dinkel, curricular director, because the contracts hadn't been prepared.

Board attorney Bill Jeter said the board could pass a motion agreeing to offer administrators contracts subject to negotiating salary at a later date. A motion to extend the contracts to Hauptman and Dinkel, subject to approving the contract form and negotiating salary, passed unanimously.

With salaries not negotiated until later in the year, the board discussed whether to move forward with the contracts.

By approving the extensions, "they know we want them back," Schumacher said.

With a budget shortfall of at least $1 million expected next year, pay cuts could come in the future, making it more difficult to discuss contracts now, Katt said.

BOE President Greg Schwartz said the district draws up a contract based on last year's salary, and he said "if we do across the board cuts, then everybody agrees that would be retroactive to their pay as well."

Currently, only Hays High School Principal Marty Straub has a 12-month contract. Katt is considering recommending the two Hays High assistant principals, Tom Albers and Clint Albers, and Hays Middle School Principal Craig Pallister, also have 12-month contracts. The three now have 11-month contracts.

Katt said no decision has been made about the Hays Middle School assistant principal position. Shannon Demel has served as interim assistant principal for the year after Dinkel, former assistant principal, was named interim curriculum director.

Elementary school principals have 10-month contracts from August to May.

Katt said he would discuss the contracts with Jeter before Monday's board meeting.

The board had two executives sessions of 30 minutes each with Katt, Jeter, Hauptman, Dinkel and business manager Tracy Kaiser, to discuss personnel and acquisition of real estate. * * *

Current principals and salaries in Hays USD 489

Hays High School -- Marty Straub, principal, $106,942; Tom Albers, assistant principal, $90,478; Clint Albers, assistant principal/athletic director, $89,165.

Hays Middle School -- Craig Pallister, principal, $100,223.

Elementary schools -- Lee Keffer, Roosevelt principal, $92,341; Elaine Rohleder, Lincoln principal, $86,574; Nancy Harman, O'Loughlin principal, $86,574; Allen Park, Washington principal, $86,574, and Tom Meagher, Wilson principal, $86,574.

Certified directors are:

Donna Hudson-Hamilton, Early Childhood Connections, $85,649.

Anita Scheve, Learning Center, $74,434.

Susan Bowles, Hays Area Children's Center, $79,000.