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University bookstore gets new manager





The Fort Hays State University bookstore is under new leadership. Former assistant manager, Anjanette Hamel, has been promoted to manager.

Hamel graduated from FHSU in 2001, and has been employed by the bookstore for the past four years.

"The previous manager left," Hamel said, "so it was easy to slide into the position."

In her new position, she will deal with financial aspects, as well as keeping up with the constant technological changes.

"It's interesting to see where we've come from when I was in college," Hamel said. "Then, students only had the campus and off-campus bookstores. Our competitors weren't very big, so all we had to worry about was servicing our students. These days, all this technology comes into play. We have to continue to stay abreast of that since the industry is constantly changing and they're really pushing to do something different with textbooks."

Digital formats are gaining popularity due to lower costs, and students prefer not to "lug around several books at a time," Hamel said.

"Numbers of digital textbooks have skyrocketed in the last couple years," she said. "But we have a lot of students that choose to buy the digital and then want a refund and switch to a traditional textbook. It can get very monotonous to flip back and forth online, so I find myself printing out the material."

Although digital versions are gaining traction, Hamel doesn't believe traditional textbooks will disappear.

"It's too soon to tell what will happen (with textbooks)," she said. "Digital textbooks will increase for a while, but I'm sure something else will come out that is innovative and will change the industry once again."