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Public Record, July 16, 2013


Hays Police Dept.


Seven animal calls

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Hays Police Dept.


Seven animal calls

16 traffic stops

Disturbance/noise, 400 block Halladay

Intoxicated subject, 100 block West Ninth

Search warrant, 1400 block East 29th

Theft of vehicle, 1300 block Vine

Water use violation, 2500 block Donald

Water use violation, 2900 block Walnut

Disorderly conduct, 2300 block Vine

Criminal transport, Trego County

Wildlife incident, 100 block East 15th

Counterfeit currency/documents, 1200 block East 27th

Water use violation, 2200 block Vine

Civil dispute, 400 block West 24th

Mental health call, 3600 block Vine

Search warrant, 2 Dwight Drive

Intoxicated subject, 2100 block Vine

Suspicious activity, 1414 East 29th

Civil dispute, 1600 block Main

Assist, 4300 block Vine


Seven animal calls

15 traffic stops

Civil transport, Larned

Intoxicated subject, 300 block West Seventh

Theft, 1300 block Vine

Contempt of court/failure to pay, 100 block West 12th

Creating hazard, 48th and Vine

Harassment, 3400 block Vine

Contempt of court/failure to pay, 3000 block Indian Trail

Water use violation, 2500 block Virginia

Civil dispute, 2700 block Epworth Village

Water use violation, 400 block West Sixth

Welfare check, 100 block East 17th

Suspicious activity, 1200 block Main

Water use violation, 1900 block Holmes Road

Suspicious person, 1300 block East 33rd

Disturbance/noise, 300 block West Sixth

Abandoned vehicle, 600 block Ash

Assist, 2200 block Canterbury

Suspicious person, 500 block East 20th


12 animal calls

13 traffic stops

Suicidal subject, 100 block West 19th

Battery, 500 block West Seventh

Aggravated battery, 600 block Elm

Criminal transport, 100 block West 12th

Water use violation, 2900 block Canal Boulevard

Suspicious activity, 700 block East Sixth

Custody dispute, 100 block West 12th

Robbery, 100 block West 19th

Theft, Seventh and Fort

Suspicious activity, 1300 block East 33rd

Motor vehicle accident/private property, 4300 block Vine

Drug offenses, 2400 block Vine

Domestic disturbance, 100 block West 19th

Motor vehicle accident/private property, 500 block West 27th

Suspicious activity, 1300 block Fort

Civil dispute, 400 block East 20th

Abandoned vehicle, 500 block Elm

Ellis County Sheriff


Criminal transport, WaKeeney

Vehicle/deer accident, Ellis County

Criminal transport, Dodge City

Theft, Ellis County

Civil transport, 1000 block Homestead Road


Cattle out, 1200 block Buckeye Road


Disturbance, 2300 block East Seventh

Suspicious vehicle, Ellis County

K9 deployment, Ellis County

Criminal threat, 2500 block 260th Avenue