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Public Record, Nov. 8, 2013




Male grey/white Shih Tzu, 4000 block U.S. Highway 183


Male red chihuahua/poodle mix, Ellis County

Male black/tan Yorkshire terrier, Ellis County

Hays Police


One animal call

14 traffic stops

Theft of vehicle, 1100 block East 13th

Drug offenses, 100 block West Ninth

Welfare check, 2800 block Augusta Lane

Gunshots/non-injury shooting, 1300 block Steven

Create a hazard, 300 block East 13th

Violation of restraining order, 500 block West 37th

Shoplifting, 4300 block Vine

Motor vehicle accident, 2700 block Vine

Motor vehicle accident, 500 block West 27th

Telephone harassment, 100 block West Fifth