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Students hope to give cancer the old 1,2





Fort Hays State University students swung and stepped at the first Give Cancer the Boot event Thursday, hosted by a group of Leadership 310 students and Up 'Til Dawn.

Up 'Til Dawn is a national collegiate philanthropic organization that raises money for St. Jude Children's Research Hopsital. The organization has more than 100 college chapters, including FHSU.

The leadership team worked closely with Up 'Til Dawn and hosted a children's soccer camp earlier in the semester. The group raised approximately $1,400 for St. Jude.

"We needed something else to do for the rest of the semester, but we didn't know what we were going to do," said senior Korby Boswell, executive director of Up 'Til Dawn and member of the leadership team. "We thought of holding a country western clinic."

More than 60 students attended Give Cancer the Boot, instructed by Duane Shepherd, associate professor of physical education.

Shepherd has been teaching dance for 17 years.

"I'm 58 years old," he said, "so that means I've been dancing for about 56 years."

Shepherd taught various forms of country dancing, including two-stepping, swing-dancing and line-dancing.

"It's great exercising and great socializing," he said. "So many people want to dance, but they're a little hesitant, so hopefully this will give them the confidence they need."

The dance clinic was held on a Thursday night in order to help students feel confident at the Wild Rose after.

"Everyone goes to the Rose on Thursdays," said junior Brandon Taylor, member of the leadership team. "A lot of students don't really know how to two-step, so this will give them the opportunity to learn before going out."

Dancers paid $5 per person, and all proceeds were donated to St. Jude.

"I was a Shriners patient, and knew what it's like in the hospital," said senior Radley Steffen, referring to his reasoning behind choosing the project. "I know what it's like for kids in the hospital."

All members of the leadership team said they were proud of the turnout from the soccer camp and Give Cancer the Boot.

"Seeing kids have a good time makes you smile, too, especially knowing it's going to a good cause," Steffen said. "This took all of us working together to really make these events successful."