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HHS students charged up for championship race





Hays High School remained atop the standings of the solar class of the Kansas Electrorally Championship Racing Series by winning the event at Friday's inaugural Western Tech Electrorally at Frontier Park in Hays.

Senior Brett Hertel, driving the No. 320 car refurbished by the freshman class at HHS, finished the hour-long race in 64 laps, beating out the runner-up car from Grainfield/Wheatland-Grinnell by 10 laps.

Hays High now has won two of the three spring races counted toward the championship series. The last race is scheduled for Thursday at Beloit.

Dighton finished third in the solar race with 50 laps.

Like Hays High, Beloit kept hold of the top spot in the standard class points by winning that race with 74 laps. Beloit also won the first two races in that event.

Clearwater was second in Friday's standard race with 68 laps, followed by Great Bend with 64, winning a three-way tie with a faster time than the other two that also recorded 64 laps.

Hays High's sophomore car, driven by Bradyn Meredith, finished with 61 laps and just in back of the trio with 64 laps each.

"We're still in the hunt for one of the top three places (in the championship series)," said Chris Dinkel, HHS' electorally team's advisor. "But we have to have a really good day."

If HHS does well in the solar class Thursday, and can hang on to the No. 1 spot, it will have won two of the three divisions.

Hays High already has been awarded first place for its written report on the project.