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Water restrictions remain same for city of Ellis





ELLIS -- The Ellis City Council decided in Monday night's meeting to keep the city's water restrictions at Stage 3 -- a water emergency, the highest level possible. Recent rains had prompted the council to review the issue.

"We had a long discussion, and it was where they wanted to see what the (water) well levels are going to do by the next meeting or two," Ellis Mayor Lyle Johnston said after the meeting. "See if they're continuing to drop, (or) going to level off. Some of our wells are up 2.5 feet to 3 foot in some areas of town.

"It looks good as of yet, but we're waiting to see if that's just a spike and continues to go down again."

Council members also discussed the fireworks ban in effect for the city. The city attorney was directed to review possible changes in the ordinance. After doing so, the council then would have a special meeting before the Fourth of July holiday period to re-visit the issue.