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Farm incomes plummet in northwest KS





Northwest Kansas farmers -- hit hard by drought -- reported sharply lower incomes in 2013, according to a new report issued by the Kansas Farm Management Association.

Rather than being the state's leader, as it had been for the previous four years, northwest Kansas reported the lowest income levels in the state -- a reflection of smaller crops.

Net farm income for the northwest district in 2013 stood at $35,791. That's down from the 2012 income of $283,174. That's a drop of $247,383, which is an 87-percent drop.

It's been something of a steady decline since the peak of $440,407 in 2011.

All told, the value of production in northwest Kansas dropped nearly 20 percent, according to the report released Monday by the group, a branch of Kansas State University.

Last year's farm production values were pegged at $833,732, the KSU report said, compared to the all-time high of $1.14 million.

The Kansas Farm Management Association numbers detail conditions on the farm, given their actual earnings based on reviews by economists with the association.

In the region, the top 25 percent had incomes of nearly $280,000 compared to the bottom 25 percent, reporting losses of more than $200,000.